Gender & Sexuality Studies Textbooks Online PDF Download

Cases on Social Issues: For Class Discussion - 2nd Edition

Introduction to Human Sexuality

I. Part 1: Reflections and Explorations in Human Sexuality

II. Part 2- Professional and Clinical Topics in Human Sexuality

Introduction to LGBTQ+ Studies: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach

Dress, Appearance, and Diversity in U.S. Society

PART I. Dress Theories and Concepts

PART II. Dress and Marginalized Communities

Women Worldwide: Transnational Feminist Perspectives - 2nd Edition

The American LGBTQ Rights Movement: An Introduction

Histoires d'Avenirs: Science-fiction pour le cours de francais niveaux intermediaire et avance

Global Women's Issues: Women in the World Today, extended version

Introduction to Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies

Unit I: An Introduction to Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies: Grounding Theoretical Frameworks and Concepts PDF

  • Critical Introduction to the Field PDF
  • Theorizing Lived Experiences PDF
  • Identity Terms PDF
  • Conceptualizing Structures of Power PDF
  • Social Constructionism PDF
  • Intersectionality PDF
  • References: Unit I PDF

Unit II: Challenging Binary Systems and Constructions of Difference PDF

  • Introduction: Binary Systems PDF
  • The Sex/Gender/Sexuality System PDF
  • Gender and Sex - Transgender and Intersex PDF
  • Sexualities PDF
  • Masculinities PDF
  • Race PDF
  • Class PDF
  • Alternatives to Binary Systems PDF
  • References: Unit II PDF

Unit III: Institutions, Culture, and Structures PDF

  • Introduction: Institutions, Cultures, and Structures PDF
  • The Family PDF
  • Media PDF
  • Medicine, Health, and Reproductive Justice PDF
  • The State, Law, and the Prison System PDF
  • Intersecting Institutions Case Study: The Struggle to End Gendered Violence and Violence Against Women PDF
  • References: Unit III PDF

Unit IV: Gender and Work in the Global Economy PDF

  • Introduction: Gender and Work in the Global Economy PDF
  • Gender and Work in the US PDF
  • Gender and the US Welfare State PDF
  • Transnational Production and Globalization PDF
  • Racialized, Gendered, and Sexualized Labor in the Global Economy PDF
  • References: Unit IV PDF

Unit V: Historical and Contemporary Feminist Social Movements PDF

  • Introduction: Feminist Movements PDF
  • 19th Century Feminist Movements PDF
  • Early to Late 20th Century Feminist Movements PDF
  • Third Wave and Queer Feminist Movements PDF
  • References: Unit V PDF

Perspectives: An Open Invitation to Cultural Anthropology

Introduction to Women’s & Gender Studies - First Edition

  • Table of Contents
  • Gender PDF
  • Feminisms PDF
  • Intersectionality PDF
  • Gender Equity PDF
  • Gender & the World PDF
  • Gender Inequity Throughout History PDF
  • Gender Issues in Today’s Society PDF
  • Gender Gaps PDF
  • Pathways to Gender Equity PDF
  • Supporting Gender Equity PDF

Sexuality, the Self, and Society

  • Table of Contents
  • Sexuality, the Self, and Society
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: What is Human Sexuality? PDF
  • Chapter 2: Research Methods and Ethics in Human Sexuality PDF
  • Chapter 3: Development and Structure of The Human Reproductive System PDF
  • Chapter 4: Pleasure, Sexual Arousal and Response PDF
  • Chapter 5: Gender Identity, Gender Roles, and Gender Differences PDF
  • Chapter 6: Sexual Orientation PDF
  • Chapter 7: Bias and Discrimination in Human Sexuality PDF
  • Chapter 8: Attraction, Love and Relationship Formation PDF
  • Chapter 9: Relationship Styles, Communication, Sexual Behavior, and Fantasies PDF
  • Chapter 10: Conception, Pregnancy and Childbirth PDF
  • Chapter 11: Sexuality Through the Lifespan PDF
  • Chapter 12: Contraception, Abortion, and Sexually Transmitted Infections PDF
  • Chapter 13: Sexual Health PDF
  • Chapter 14: Consent, Coercion, and Sexual Violence PDF
  • Chapter 15: Sexuality Work that Engages with the Body PDF
  • Sexuality, The Self, and Society Conclusion PDF

Gendered Lives: Global Issues

  • Table of Contents

Part I: Introduction

  • Chapter 1: Key Concepts PDF
  • Chapter 2: Key Perspectives PDF

Part II: South Asia

  • Chapter 3: Introducing the Region PDF
  • Chapter 4: Controlling National Borders by Controlling Reproduction PDF
  • Chapter 5: Understanding Caste and Kinship within Hijras, a “Third” Gender Community in India PDF
  • Chapter 6: The “City” and “The Easy Life”: Work and Gender among Sherpa in Nepal PDF

Part III: Latin America

  • Chapter 7: Latin America: Introducing the Region PDF
  • Chapter 8: Being a Good Mexican Man by Embracing “Erectile Dysfunction” PDF
  • Chapter 9: Intersectionality and Normative Masculinity in Northeast Brazil PDF
  • Chapter 10: Mexico’s Antipoverty Program Oportunidades and the Shifting Dynamics of Citizenship for Ñuu Savi (Mixtec) Village Women PDF
  • Chapter 11: Q’eqchi’-Maya Women: Memory, Markets, and Multilevel Marketing in Guatemala PDF

Part IV: The Caribbean

  • Chapter 12: The Caribbean: Introducing the Region PDF
  • Chapter 13: Quinceañeras: Girls’ Coming-of-Age Parties in Contemporary Havana, Cuba PDF
  • Chapter 14: Jamaican Realities of Masculinities and Sexualities: “How Far Have We Come since Michel Foucault?” PDF

Part V: The Global North (North America and Europe)

  • Chapter 15: The Global North: Introducing the Region PDF
  • Chapter 16: Mothers Acting up Online PDF
  • Chapter 17: Male Sex Work in Canada: Intersections of Gender and Sexuality PDF
  • Chapter 18: Intersectionality and Muslim Women in Belgium PDF
  • Chapter 19: Fatherhood and Family Relations in Transnational Migration from Mezcala, Mexico PDF

Intercultural Communication

  • Table of Contents PDF
  • CHAPTER 1: Introduction to Intercultural Communication PDF
  • CHAPTER 2: Social Categorization, Stereotyping, and Discrimination PDF
  • CHAPTER 3: Beliefs, Values, and Cultural Universals PDF
  • CHAPTER 4: Introduction to Race and Ethnicity PDF
  • CHAPTER 5: The Impacts of Social Class PDF
  • CHAPTER 6: Gender and Gender Inequality PDF
  • CHAPTER 7: Socialization and Human Sexuality PDF

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Employment Discrimination

  • Table of Contents

I. Introduction

II. A Federal Statute Protecting LGBT Employees

III. Title VII and Sexual Orientation

  • A. Early Judicial Perspectives
  • B. The Evolving Meaning of "Discrimination Because of Sex"
  • C. Stereotyping and Sexual Orientation
  • D. Sexual Orientation Discrimination Is Sex Discrimination

IV. Gender Identity and Expression

  • A. Gender Identity and Expression and Sex Stereotyping
  • B. An alternative route to protecting transgender employees

Politicas publicas, Genero y Derechos Humanos en America Latina

  • Table of Contents

Presentacion. Silvia Levin
I. Politicas publicas y desigualdades de genero: fortalezas, debilidades, desafios

  • 1 Las politicas publicas y el genero en Argentina: entre el trato y el destrato a las desigualdades. Silvia Levín PDF
  • 2 Desafios de la implementacion de politicas publicas en clave de género y de derechos. Maria Angelica Pignatta PDF

II. Los Derechos Humanos como marco politico para la formulacion yla accion publica

  • 3 Genero, Derecho y Constitucion. Una mirada al interior de las constituciones provinciales argentinas. Oscar Blando PDF 
  • 4 Enfoque de genero y ciudadania: logros y desafíos a la luz de la accion publica de las organizaciones sociales. ValeriaVenticinque PDF

III. La agenda de género en las agendas institucionales del Estado

  • 5 Violencia de genero y capacidades institucionales del Estado, una propuesta de analisis. Maria Alejandra Ingaramo PDF
  • 6 Politicas Publicas y asimetrias de género en el trabajo productivo y reproductivo en America Latina. Ruth Sosa PDF
  • 7 Actividad Practica Integradora del libro PDF