Which is the Best Reference Book for CBSE Class 10 Social Science?

CBSE Class 10 helps the students decide the stream for the higher class. Class 10th board is also important because it is the first time when a student gives an exam which is prepared by a third party.

SST or Social Science is a very scoring subject for a student because it is all theory based exam and also the questions asked by the examiner are simple and straightforward. Unlike the other subjects, the student does not need to learn the formulas and solve equations. Apart from the straight question answer, students get a chance to score good marks in the map section where they only have to mark the location in maps.

CBSE Class 10 Social Science- Exam pattern

Class 10 Social Science exam consists of 3 sections i.e. section A, section B, section C. Section A consists of objective type questions like match the following and one-line questions. Section B consists of short type answers in which students have to answer each question within 80 words. Section C consists of long answers in which students have to answer each question within 120 words. The last question of the social science exam is a map question in which students have to mark the locations in the map as per the question. The location can be of state, river, or any national park.

CBSE Class 10 Social Science- Subjects

Most of the students find this subject boring because of its vast syllabus and long and boring topics. But if prepared properly, one can score more than 90% in this subject easily. Here is the list of some important topics students can prepare to score good marks in this exam. Social science consists of 3 subjects i.e. History, Geography, and Political Science (Civics).

For History

  • The Rise of Nationalism in Europe
  • Nationalism in India
  • Print Culture and the Modern World

For Geography

  • Water Resources
  • Forest and wildlife resources
  • Resources and Development

For Political Science (Civics)

  • Power Sharing
  • Federalism
  • Democracy and Diversity
  • Outcome of Democracy

For Economics

  • Sectors of the Indian economy
  • Money and credit
  • Consumer rights
  • Globalization

CBSE Class 10 Social Science- Reference books

To score good marks in the board exam, one needs to understand the concepts of NCERT as the majority of questions are from this book only. You can score more than 90% if you remember the concepts of NCERT. Apart from NCERT, the following are the reference books best for the social science board examination:

  • All in One SST by Arihant
  • S. Chand for social science
  • Exam idea for Social Science by Editorial board

CBSE Class 10 Social Science- Tips and tricks

  1. Management of time is very important. Give enough time to each section and revise all the chapters properly.
  2.  Never start a new chapter on the day of the exam. This leads to confusion which results in a loss of confidence.
  3. Highlight the important lines and sentences or write them separately so that you can revise them easily.
  4. Before writing the exam, use the first 15 minutes in reading the question paper. With this, you can remember all the answers and you can write them without any confusion.
  5.  Go through the sample paper or previous year’s question paper. With this, you can know the level of questions that will be asked in the board exam.

CBSE Class 10 Social Science- Marking scheme

CBSE Class 10 Social Science board exam consists of 3 sections i.e. section A which consists of 20 marks having one-liner, MCQ, and fill in the blanks as questions. Section B consists of 8 short answer type questions having a weightage of 3 marks each and last section C consists of 6 long answer type questions having a weightage of 5 marks each including the map question.

 FAQs on Class 10 Social Science Board Examination

Q 1. What is the passing percentage for the class 10 social science examination?

Answer. To pass the board exam, students have to score 33% both internally and in the main exam.

Q 2. Do students get choices in questions in class 10 social science board exam?

Answer. Yes, students have limited choices in question in board exams as they can choose which question they want to attempt. 

Q 3. How many chapters do students need to prepare for the Board exam?

Answer. Students need to prepare 4 chapters of History, 7 chapters of Geography, and 5 chapters of political science in total.