How to Score Good Marks in Class 10 English?

In recent times, English is considered the most important subject and language that students cannot overlook under any circumstances. If you really want to stand out from the crowd you must have command over the English language. In class 10 students miss out on focusing on grammar, but they must not forget that it is the most scoring section that has the potential to score full marks in the board examination. If you want to perform your best in the board exams this year, find our useful tips and tricks to score high in the English exam.

Class 10 English- Exam Pattern

The English exam is divided into four sections and each carries 20 marks.

  • Section A includes comprehension, an unseen passage where students need to answer the questions correctly. This section is included to test the comprehension skills of the student.
  • Section B includes writing skills where students are requested to write on different genres such as letter, notice, article, essay, etc.
  • Section C includes the grammar test where students need to answer for tenses, punctuation, synonyms, translation, etc.
  • Section D includes Literature and poems where students have to answer the questions.

Class 10 English- Subjects

Class 10 English examination is based on different parts such as literature, supplementary, grammar and writing skills. In the literature and supplementary section, students have to learn questions and answers whereas in the Grammar and writing section students have to learn the basics of grammartical rules and vocabulary.


  • Conceptual understanding
  • Decoding
  • Inferring
  • Interpreting and vocabulary

Grammar & writing skills

  • Determiners
  • Modals
  • Tenses
  • Voice
  • Reported speech
  • Creative writing
  • Fluency
  • Style and tone
  • Conventions

Literature & supplementary 

  • Recalling
  • Reasoning
  • Understanding the writer’s message
  • Questions/answers
  • Phrases
  • Understanding theme
  • Central idea

Class 10 English- Reference books

NCERT offers the best book for the most helpful study material that any student must not ignore. Here are the subjects, topics and chapters that one needs to cover:

NCERT Literature

  • A letter to god
  • Nelson Mandela: Long walk to freedom
  • Two stories about flying
  • The hundred dresses-I
  • The hundred dresses-II
  • Glimpses of India
  • Mijbil the other
  • The sermon at Benares
  • Madam rides the bus
  • The proposal

NCERT Supplementary

  • The necklace
  • The making of a scientist
  • The midnight visitor
  • The thief’s story
  • A triumph of surgery
  • Footprints without feet
  • The hack driver
  • Bholi
  • The book that saved the earth

NCERT Grammar

  • Determiners
  • Idioms
  • Phrases
  • Voice
  • Narration
  • Tenses
  • Essay
  • Notice
  • Creative writing
  • Letter writing

Tips and tricks to score well in class 10 English examination

  • Regularly practice writing essays and answers to reduce grammatical errors.
  • Read one chapter a day and make notes on the topics that you find the most important.
  • Read the chapter aloud to improve your speech and vocabulary.
  • Prepare notes or cards to remember the name of poets and authors.
  • Read the stories again and again to understand the details.
  • Attempt NCERT books for the preparation of the examination as most of the questions are based on the same reference.
  • Set your time for studying each section and do not start a new chapter on the day of the exam.

Class 10 English Examination- Marking Scheme

Class 10 English marking scheme can be very beneficial for students as it is structured in such a way that it makes scoring high very easy. As per the CBSE guidelines, the following is the marking pattern that will be followed by the examiners.

  • Section A- 15 marks
  • Reading- 20 marks
  • Grammar- 15 marks
  • Literature + supplementary- 20 marks
  • Listening and speaking- 10 marks
  • Assessment- 20 marks

FAQs on Class 10 English Examination

Q1. How many books of English are there in Class 10?

Answer. Class 10 English NCERT syllabus is divided into three books as follows:

  • English literature
  • Supplementary
  • Grammar

Q2. How to get full marks in English?

The following tips can be very helpful in order to score a high score in class 10 English examination:

  • Read previous exam papers and solve them.
  • Schedule your hours for studying each topic.
  • Focus on the scoring sections.

Q3. Which part is more scoring in English?

Answer. English grammar and vocabulary is the most scoring section as it gives you an opportunity to score full marks on each correct answer.