For Anne Gregory Summary Class 10 English

For Anne Gregory Summary Class 10 English

For Anne Gregory Summary In English

In this poem, a young man discusses why a person falls in love, that is what determines it. According to them a person is not loved for his basic nature but because of his/her physical feature, i.e., outward physical appearance. It is not possible to love one for oneself. Only God can do so.

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The poem ‘For Anne Gregory’ by W.B. Yeats is a poem of 18 lines in all. In this poem, the poet addresses to young Gregory and tells her that her hair is of the same colour as honey and when it falls, the poet begins to think her beauty spell bound. Her hair is so beautiful that every man falls in love with her. At this Gregory gives response to the poet that man love her only for her outward beauty while this outward appearance may be changed at any time. At this, the poet concludes that it is a truth since time immemorial that man can not easily judge a woman other than her looks. He tells Anne that she can never be ugly inward or outward even if she wishes to be so.

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