A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 Question Answer

A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 Questions and Answers

Read and find out (Page 1)

Question 1.
Why is Mrs. Pumphrey worried about Tricki?
श्रीमती पम्फ्रे ट्रिकी के लिए चिन्तित क्यों है ?
Mrs. Pumphrey observes that Tricki is a little listness and less active. She thinks he is suffering from malnutrition and needs more energy.

Question 2.
What does she do to help him ? Is she wise in this?
वह उसकी सहायता करने के लिए क्या करती हैं? क्या वह इस विषय में बुद्धिमान हैं?
To help Tricki and make him more energetic, she starts giving him a little extra between the meals some malt, cod-liver oil and a bowl of Horlicks at night. I don’t think Mrs. Pumphrey is wise in this. Dogs don’t need so much and such diet. It makes them rather fat, passive and even sick. They need more exercise and running around.

A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 Question Answer

Question 3.
Who is the ‘I’ in this story?
इस कहानी में ‘I’ कौन है?
‘I’ in this story is the narrator, Mr. Herrist who is a veterinary surgeon.

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Question 1.
Is the narrator as rich as Tricki’s mistress?
क्या कहानी कहने वाला उतना ही अमीर है जितनी ट्रिकी की मालिकिन?
No, the narrator is not as rich as Tricki’s mistress. The way he feasted on expensive wine, brandy and eggs reflects this.

Question 2.
How does he treat the dog ?
वह कुत्ते का इलाज कैसे करता है?
For two days he does not give him any food except plenty of water. At the end of the second day Tricki starts showing interest in his surrounding. On the third he follows the dogs when food is served to them. He is not served any food. When dogs finish eating he licks one or two bowls. On the fourth day, he is also served food. He enjoys eating it.

From then on his progress starts. He recovers rapidly. He starts enjoying, playing, fighting, ralling and jostling with other dogs. Thus Mr. Herroit does not give Tricki any medicine, brandy wine and eggs sent by Mrs. Pumphrey but he gives him a lot of exercise and normal food as other dogs eat.

A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 Question Answer

Question 3.
Why is he tempted to keep Tricki on as a permanent guest ?
उसे ट्रिकी को हमेशा के लिए मेहमान बनाकर रखने का लालच क्यों आता है ?
Mr. Herriot told Mrs. Pumphrey on phone that Tricki had started recovering. Mrs. Pumphrey started sending eggs, wine and brandy for Tricki to give him extra strength. As it was not wise to give such things to a dog, Mr. Herriot and his friends themselves started feasting on them. They enjoyed these feasts so much that Mr. Herriot was tempted to keep Tricki as a permanent guest.

Question 4.
Why does Mrs. Pumphrey think the dog’s recovery is ‘A Triumph of Surgery’?
श्रीमती पम्फ्रे अपने कुत्ते के ठीक होने को ‘सर्जरी’ की विजय क्यों मानती है ?
When Mrs. Pumphrey admitted Tricki to the hospital ‘surgery, he was in a bad shape, very sick, vomiting, whimpering with pain and not even looking at his favourite food. She thought that Tricki was suffering from a serious ailment. In fact, her pampering, giving him very rich diet, tonics like cud liver oil and Horlics, extra helping between the meals two much eating and no exercise had made him sick.

Mr. Herriot knew it so he gave him the right treatment. He did not give him anything to eat for three days, only gave him a lot of water. On the fourth day Tricki revived his appetite. He was given normal food with other dogs. Tricki started recovering rapidly and also had the much needed exercise by playing, fighting, jostling and rolling with other dogs.

Dr. Herriot neither gave him any medicine nor extra nourishment the eggs, wine and brandy sent by Mr. Pumphrey. After fifteen days when Mrs. Pumphrey.came to collect Tricki, she was happy to see Tricki recovered, looking strong, healthy and active. She called it ‘triumph of surgery’ or the success of surgery.

Textbook Questions

Think about it :

Question 1.
What kind of a person do you think the narrator, a veterinary surgeon, is? Would you say he is tactful as well as full of common sense ?
आपके विचार में कहानीकार एक पशु चिकित्सक, किस प्रकार का व्यक्ति था ? क्या आप उसे युक्तिसंगत तथा व्यवहारिक बुद्धि वाला कहेंगे ?
The narrator, Mr. Herriot, a veterinary surgeon is an understanding, wise, tactful person. He is full of common sense. When Mr. Herriot saw Tricki becoming fat, flabby and sluggish, he warned Mr. Pumphrey to cut on his rich diet and give him a lot exercise. His advise fell flat on Mrs. Pumphrey. She neither cut down his diet nor gave him any exercise.

Mr. Herriot received the expected call, Tricki had fallen seriously sick. He was vomiting, not eating anything and crying with pain. Mr. Herriot took Tricki to his hospital, ‘Surgery’ because he understood Mrs. Pumphrey would never have the heart to treat him the way he wanted. At ‘Surgery’ he did not give Tricki anything to eat for three days.

Only on the fourth day when he revived his appetite, he gave Tricki the common food with other dogs. Mrs. Pumphrey could have never followed such a treatment. He tactfully avoided mentioning the use of different coats and bowls and also did not stop the supply of eggs, wine and brandy till Tricki was fully recovered.

Though he did not give any of these things to Tricki, yet if he had stopped them, Mrs. Pamphrey in her anxiety might have taken Tricki back home before he was fully recovered. All the above facts show Mr. Herriot’s tactfulness, common sense and understanding of human psychology.

A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 Question Answer

Question 2.
Do you think Tricki was happy to go home? What do you think will happen now?
आपके विचार में ट्रिकी घर जाने पर खुश था? आपके विचार में अब क्या होगा?
I think Tricki was happy to go home because he loved Mrs. Pumphrey. His profuse licking and wagging tail reflects it. Moreover he also seems to like her pampering him. He might have been missing the comfort of home, ice-creams and chocolates and other delicacies. I think Tricki will again become a prey to over eating, comfort and no exercise and meet the same fate.

Question 3.
Do you think this is a real-life episode or mere fiction? Or is it a mixture of both ?
आपके विचार में क्या यह सचमुच की जिन्दगी की घटना है अथवा काल्पनिक कहानी? अथवा दोनों का मिश्रण ?
I think the story is a mixture of fiction and real-life episode. I have seen people pampering their pets giving them all sorts of eatable, chocolates and cakes, fruits or whatever they themselves eat but I have never seen people giving cod-liver oil and Horlies to their dogs.

Again a dog might be having winter dress, a different bed in summer and a different in winter for valid reason because of hot and cold weather but different bowls for breakfast, lunch and dinner and different cushions–are far fetched things and seems to be the creation of fiction An exaggeration to show overpampering and make fun of such persons.

Talk about it

Question 1.
This episode describes the silly behaviour of a rich woman who is foolishly indulgent, perhaps because she is lonely. Do you think such people are merely silly, or can their actions cause harm to others ?
यह घटना एक अमीर औरत के मूर्खतापूर्ण व्यवहार की है जो मूर्खतापूर्ण रूप से दयालु है क्योंकि शायद वह अकेली है। आपके विचार इस प्रकार के व्यक्ति केवल मूर्ख ही होते हैं अथवा उनके कार्य दूसरों को हानि भी पहुंचाते हैं।
People keep pets mostly for company. The lady is lonely. Perhaps she has no issue of her own, nobody to care for or care after her. For emotional satisfaction, she bestows all her love and care on Tricki. She treats her not like a dog but as her own son. She pampers him with her riches.

I don’t think foolish behaviour or actions of such persons harm anyone else around them except the pet himself who had to suffer as Tricki did when he fell sick due to rich diet, over eating and no exercise.

Question 2.
Do you think there are also parents like Mrs. Pumphrey ?
आपके विचार में श्रीमती पेम्फ्र जैसे माता-पिता भी होते हैं?
I think there are many parents like Mrs. Pumphrey. They want to display their riches by providing their children expensive clothes, toys and by fulfilling each and every demand of theirs. They thus spoil them and weaken their character. Such children become stubborn, vain, bossy, dependent and arrogant.

A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 Question Answer

Question 3.
What would you have done if you were, (i) a member of staff in Mrs. Pumphrey’s household, (ii) a neighbour ? What would your life have been like, in general ?
आपने क्या किया होता अगर आप (i) श्रीमती पेम्फ्रे के घरेल कर्मचारी होते, (ii) उसके पड़ोसी होते? साधारण तौर पर आपका जीवन कैसा होता ?
i. If I had been a member of staff in Mrs. Pumphrey’s household, I would have been running around bringing this thing or that thing for the pampered Tricki. Sometimes changing his coats, sometime beds and sometimes bowls, the whole day must have been spent in fulfilling these chores.

But I could escape a little by taking the responsibility of giving the needy exercise to Tricki specially when it came back from surgery. I could have taken him out in the garden and played with him the ring and the ball game. It would have kept both of us healthy and fit.

ii. As Mrs. Pumphrey’s neighbour I could have felt irritated by her vanity. Specially when I work in my garden, she would come out with her dog. Everyday, she would greet me and more offen than not ask, “Well Mrs. Gibson how do you like this new coat/belt of my Tricki ?” Willy nilly I would reply, “Oh, its beautiful and suits or fits him well.”

Then she would talk about his food, what and how much he ate that day. Though bored I would have to listen to all this patiently and smilingly. Gradually my irritation and boredom would change into compassion. Thank God she has at least Tricki to fill her lonely life. On Tricki’s birthday I would have gifted her some books on ‘How to keep a Pet Dog’, or ‘Food for a dog’ or ‘How to keep a Pet Dog Healthy’.

A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 Question Answer

Question 4.
What would you have done if you were in the narrator’s place?
अगर आप कहानीकार की जगह होते तो क्या करते ?
If I had been in the narrator’s place I would have given Tricki the same treatment what narrator had given. It was the only way to cure him. But I would not have done two things. One is, I would have stored all the supplies, eggs, wine and brandy that Mrs. Pumphrey sent for Tricki to make him revive his strength at a proper and safe place. I would have returned them later on about two days after Tricki had been discharged.

Secondly I would not have basked in the glory of ‘surgery’ and told her the treatment I gave to cure Tricki. My warning for strict diet could have been more effective this time. Again, I could have gifted her a few packs of good, nourishing dog food or suggested her to buy some. I would have sent one of my employees or arranged a part time trained dogs’ caretaker who would give him regular exercise and serve him food at the right time.

Additional questions extract based questions

Answer the questions that follow the extracts in 30-40 words:

1. Mrs. Pumphrey hastened to explain, “He was so listless, Mr. Herriot. He seemed to have no energy. I thought, he must be suffering from malnutrition, so I have been giving him some little extras between meals to build him up, some malt and cod-liver oil and a bowl of Horlicks at night to make him sleep- nothing much really.”

Question i.
Who is the topic of concern here? What has happened to him?
Mrs. Pumphrey’s pet dog Tricki is the topic of concern in this passage. He had become hugely fat, like a bloated sausage with a leg at each corner. His eyes were bloodshot and rheumy.

Question ii.
Why do you think Mrs. Pumphrey hastened to explain his condition.
Mrs. Pumphrey, the mistress of Tricki, had pampered and overfed him to such an extent that he started showing symptoms of sickness. When the narrator stopped his car on looking at him, Mrs. Pumphrey perhaps realized that her dog was sick.

A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 Question Answer

2. I tried to sound severe : “Now I really mean this. If you don’t cut his food right down and give him more exercise he is going to be really ill. You must harden your heart and keep him on a very strict diet.”

Question i.
Who is talking about whom and why?
Dr. Herriot is talking to Mrs. Pumphrey about her pet dog Tricki. She had pampered him so much by unhealthy eating habits that the dog had bloated and looked sickly when the doctor saw him.

Question ii.
Why did he tried to sound severe?
Dr. Herriot the veterinary doctor who attended to Tricki knew the Mrs. Pumphrey had been pampering and overfeeding her pet dog which had resulted in his bloated and rheumy look.

3. I had made my plans in advance. The only way was to get Tricki out of the house for a period. I suggested that he be hospitalised for about a fortnight to be kept under observation.

Question i.
Who is the ‘T’ refer to here and who is Tricki?
The ‘T here is Dr. Herriot, the narrator. He is a veterinary doctor who attended to Tricki, the dog. Tricki was the pet dog of Mrs. Pumphrey, a rich lady.

Question ii.
What was the problem with Tricki and why did the narrator decide to get him out of the house?
Tricki, the pet dog of Mrs. Pumphrey, was suffering from overweight and lack of activity. The narrator, his doctor, understood that it was because Tricki had been pampered and overfed by Mrs. Pumphrey. Thus he decided to get the dog out of the house.

4. When I opened the door, Tricki trotted out and was immediately engulfed by Joe, the greyhound, and his friends. After rolling him over and thoroughly inspecting him, the dogs moved off down the garden. Tricki followed them, rolling slightly with his surplus fat.

A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 Question Answer

Question i.
Who was Tricki? Where was he taken to?
Tricki was the pet dog of the rich lady Mrs. Pumphrey. The dog was taken away by Dr. Herriot to his clinic for treating his fatness, and that was nothing but making the dog have a lot of physical activities.

Question ii.
Do you think Tricki enjoyed in his new company? How?
Yes, Tricki thoroughly enjoyed his new company of Joe and other dogs. These dogs rolled Tricki over and thoroughly inspected him. Then, as they moved off down the garden, Tricki followed them.

5. They were days of deep content, starting well with the extra egg in the morning, improved and sustained by the midday wine and finishing luxuriously round the fire with the brandy.

Question i.
Explain the context, “They were days of deep content”.
The days here refer to the ones when Mrs. Pumphrey started sending eggs and bottles of wine to enrich Tricki’s blood. The narrator and his partners enjoyed those thoroughly in the name of Tricki.

Question ii.
Do you think the narrator cheated on Mrs. Pumphrey by enjoying the eggs and wine on his own?Justify.
No, the narrator did not cheat on Mrs. Pumphrey. If he had fed Tricki with eggs and wine every day, it would have impacted his improved health. If the narrator sent them back to Mrs. Pumphrey, she would have started worrying about Tricki.

6. Tears showed in her eyes. Her lips trembled. “how can I ever thank you ? This is a triumph of surgery!”

Question i.
Who is being referred to here? Why was she so emotional?
Mrs. Pumphrey is being described here. She became emotional on seeing Tricki after two weeks of treatment’ at Dr. Herriot’s clinic. Tricki had shed his extra fat considerably and was looking healthy and that made Mrs. Pumphrey turn emotional.

A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 Question Answer

Question ii.
Was there any actual surgery done upon Tricki? Why does Mrs. Pumphrey call it a ‘triumph of surgery”?
No, Tricki was not done any surgery upon the name of surgery, Dr. Herriot, kept him in his clinic with other dogs. Tricki had enough physical activities to shed his extra fat. However, Mrs. Pumphrey, was not aware of this treatment’. So she called it a ‘triumph of surgery’.

Short answer type questions

Answer the following questions in about 30-40 Words.

Question 1.
What makes you know that Mrs. Pumphrey was a rich lady?
Mrs. Pumphrey was a wealthy lady as she had many servants and maids. She also had a pet. She used to feed her pet with lot of dishes, sweets and snacks. Moreover, she had a separate room and wardrobe for her pet. All these things show that she was a rich lady.

Question 2.
Why were the house-hold dogs not interested in Tricki initially ?
Tricki was a newcomer in the house. Moreover, Tricki was very lethargic to play with them. He was not comfortable there. But after a few days, Tricki started enjoying with them. He discovered the joys of being bowled over, tramped on and squashed every few minutes. He became an accepted member of the gang.

Question 3.
Tricki showed less enthusiasm for exertion. What steps were taken by Mrs. Pumphrey to bring him back to normal health ? Was she successful in her efforts ?
What did Mrs. Pumphery do to bring Tricki back to normal health ?
Mrs. Pumphery thought Tricki was becoming sluggish and had little energy in him. So, she started giving him energy food-more fats, tonics, malot, cod-liver oil and Horlicks. This made the dog more ill and fat. He stopped eating, started vomiting and panting all the time.

A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 Question Answer

Question 4.
Why was Dr. Herriot confident that Tricki will be in hospital soon ?
Answer: Tricki was tottering slowly in the house. He was not eating anything, not even his favourite dishes and besides, he had bouts of vomiting. Dr. Herriot was sure that if his food was not cut down and more exercise was not given to him, he would be really ill soon.

Question 5.
Why was Herriot worried about Tricki?
When Dr. Harriot saw the deteriorating condition of Tricki, he advised Mrs. Pumphery to cut down his diet, stop giving him any sweets and adviced him for more exercise. She would have to harden her heart and keep him on a strict diet. But Dr. Harriot knew that Mrs. Pumphery was not going to follow his advice so he was worried about Tricki who had become very fat and had blood shot eyes with a watery discharge.

Question 6.
Why did Mrs. Pumphrey call the doctor ?
Why did Mrs. Pumphrey take Tricki to the doctor ?
Tricki was not eating anything for the past few days. He had refused even his favourite dishes and had bouts of vomiting. Moreover, he was spending his time lying on a rug, panting. He was not going for walks. All these symptoms, forced Mrs. Pumphrey to visit the doctor.

Question 7.
Why did Mrs. Pumphrey treat Tricki in a special way?
Mrs. Pumphrey was an extremely rich lady but was foolishly indulgent in pampering her dog, Tricki. She served him with cream cakes, chocolates and codliver oil. She did so because she treated Tricki like her son.

Question 8.
Why was Tricky sent to the hospital ?
Tricki had become sluggish as he had grown so fat that it became difficult for him to walk. He started panting all the time, kept on vomiting and stopped eating. He seemed very ill so he was hospitalised.

Question 9.
Why was Dr. Herriot worried about. Tricki?
Dr. Herriot was worried about Tricki because he had become hugely fat and inactive. He suggested to Mrs. Pumphrey to cut down his food and give him some exercise but she was reluctant to do so.

Question 10.
What treatment had Dr. Herriot given to Tricki to cure him?
Dr. Herriot did not give Tricki any medicine. He did not give him anything to eat for three days. He gave him only a lot of water. Fasting gave rest to his stomach and revived his appetite.
Running and playing with the other dogs gave him the needed exercise. This cured him completely.

Question 11.
Why was Mr. Harriot happy to keep Tricki as a permanent guest ?
Dr. Harriot told Mrs. Pumphery on phone that Tricki had started recovering. She started sending eggs, wine and brandy for Tricki to give him extra strength. As it was not wise to give such things to a dog, Mr. Harriot and his friends started feasting on them. They enjoyed these feasts so much that Dr. Harriot was tempted to keep Tricki as a permanent guest.

A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 Question Answer

Question 12.
How did Mrs. Pumphrey and her servants behave when Tricki was being sent to the surgery?
The entire staff was roused, maids rushed in and out bringing his day bed, night bed, cushion, toys. Everybody was in tears. Mrs. Pumphrey gave a desperate cry.

Long answer type questions

Answer the following questions in about 100-150 words.

Question 1.
Giving examples from the text show Mrs. Pumphrey’s extreme love for Tricki, her pet dog.
Mrs. Pumphery showered her extreme love on Tricki. She pampered him by giving him a five star treatment. Tricki had a whole wardrobe of clothes, different bowls for different meals, different beds for the day and the night, a variety of cushions and toys. She gave him chocolates, cream cakes and other delicacies. She was a caring mistress but her overcare and overfeeding made him fat. He became sluggish and unenergetic.

She thought he was weak and started giving him tonics, cod-liver oil and Horlicks. Mrs. Pumphery loved Tricki so much that she could not refuse him his favourite cream cakes and chocolates though the doctor had advised her against it. She felt miserable when Tricki was taken to surgery. She enquired about him from Dr. Harriot a number of times everyday. She sent eggs and wine for gaining strength while he was recovering. She shed tears of joy when found Tricki in good health again.

Question 2.
The chapter shows the silly and negligent behaviour of rich people like Mrs. Pumphrey who may harm their near and dear ones by their extra caring nature. Tricki’s declined health was the outcome of Mrs. Pumphrey’s over-caring nature. Do you think such people’s actions can prove to be fatal for the health of their kins ? What values would you suggest to such people to emulate in themselves and why ?
Mrs. Pumphrey was a wealthy lady with a fat pet dog named Tricki. Tricki was too dear to Mrs. Pumphrey. Hence, she took extra care of him. She had pampered the dog with all kinds of comforts. The dog had many coats worn according to the weather, had different cushions for his comfort and also had various dishes to eat.

Some extras between meals was given to him, some malt, cod- liver oil and a bowl of Horlicks at night to make him sleep. He was also given cream cakes and chocolates. This made him fat and lethargic. He became hugely fat like a bloated sausage. His eyes bloodshot and rheumy, stared straight ahead and his tongue lolled from his jaws.

I think Mrs. Pumphrey’s extra-caring nature resulted in Tricki’s declined health. Such attitude can result to be fatal for the health of their kins. One should not over care for them. Exercise and proper meal are important for one’s health. The same was taken care by Dr. Herriot, which resulted in speedy recovery of Tricki.

A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 Question Answer

Question 3.
What was Tricki Suffering from ? Who was responsible for his ailment? How?
Tricki was suffering from obesity. His own greed and too much pampering of his ignrorant owner, Mrs. Pumphrey were responsible for his ailment. Mrs. Pumphrey was a rich, eccentric and ignorant lady who perhaps kept a pet for the first time. She gave Tricki, a five-star treatment rich food like chocolates, cream cakes, icecream, juices, eggs, wine etc. To give him more strength, she even gave him tonics like cod liver oil and Horlicks.

Tricki never refused these delicacies or any extra meal. Overeating rich food and lack of exercise made him overweight. He became passive, slow even found it difficult to walk. Doctor Herriot advised Mrs. Pumphrey to cut down sweets, control his diet and give him a lot of exercise. She grossly neglected his advice. She became panicky when Tricki really became sick. He stopped eating, started vomiting and panting. His eyes become red and watery. He had to be admitted to the animal hospital-‘Surgery:

Question 4.
But I took a firm line. What was Herriot’s diagnosis of Tricki’s ailment? How did he cure it?
Mr. Herriot was a veterinary surgeon, and a family friend of Mrs. Pumphrey.
He was really worried and shocked at the sight of overweight Tricki.
He also came to know that Tricki had been eating chocolates, cream cakes and extra meals but had no exercise. So his trouble was overweight due to over-eating and no exercise.

He adviced Mr. Pumphrey to put the dog on strict diet with no sweets and with plenty of exercise. But she couldn’t follow the advice. So Herriot decided to take a firm line. Inspite of Mr. Pumphrey’s wailing he took Tricki with him to Surgery He denied him food for two days. This fasting revived the dog’s appetite and the urge to play with other dogs. He was cured in a fortnight.

Question 5.
Herriot enjoyed the lavish meal during Tricki’s stay but still he felt compelled to inform Mrs. Pumphrey about the recovery of Tricki. Why did he not keep Tricki for a longer time? Did he feel concerned for Mrs. Pumphrey ? Was it not in his attitude to break the trust of others ?
Tricki was a fat dog, pet of Mrs. Pumphrey. He became listless and seemed to have no energy. It fell ill. So, Mrs. Pumphrey called the veterinary surgeon, Dr. Herriot for the help. Dr. Herriot took Tricki to his surgery. He kept an eye on him for two days and gave him no food but plenty of water.

At the end of the second day, he started showing some interest in his surroundings and on the third day, began to whimper on the sound of dogs. While his stay at the surgery, Mrs. Pumphrey started to bring round fresh eggs to dozen at a time. She also sent bottles of wine and brandy for Tricki’s health. But that was consumed by Mr. Herriot and his colleagues.

Hence, Herriot enjoyed the stay of Tricki. He did not want to keep Tricki for a longer time because he felt concerned for Mrs. Pumphrey. He did not want to separate the pet from his owner. He could understand Mrs. Pumphrey’s concern for the little dog. So he returned him back.

A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 Question Answer

Question 6.
“He had never been known to refuse food; he would tackle a meal at any hour of the day or night.” Herriot believed that Tricki’s problem was his greed. Did he lack tolerance ? What values would you like Tricki to imbibe ? Elucidate.
Dr. Herriot was not entirely wrong in believing that Tricki’s problem was greed. Tricki was indeed greedy, but Mrs. Pumphrey only made matters worse by stuffing him with rich food. Herriot did not lack in tolerance, he was just stating the obvious. Tricki’s ill-health made him concerned, and he made the observation as a veterinary doctor.

Tricki, on the other hand, needed to exercise control on his eating habits. It would have been good if he did not greedily gobble up everything that was placed in front of him. Mrs. Pumphrey herself reveals that Tricki loved cream cakes and chocolates very much. Thus, Tricki ought to have been less gluttonous and luxury-loving, and behaved more like a dog!

Question 7.
Herriot seems to be a duty-bound doctor who values others ’emotions’ than his personal interests. Elucidate the above statement. Mention those values of Herriot which you would like to emulate in yourself also and give reasons for the same.
Herriot was a duty bound veterinary doctor. He used to visit Mrs. Pumphrey’s house regularly for the regular check-up of her dog Tricki. Mrs. Pumphrey was a very rich lady who had pampered her dog. Dr. Herriot was quite worried about Tricki’s health. He knew that the dog was over-fed by his owner.

He advised Mrs. Pumphrey to keep him off rich diet and give him a lot of exercise. But she didn’t bother. Hence, in order to improve Tricki’s health, he decided to take him away from Mrs. Pumphrey. He told her that Tricki needed a surgery.

He made Tricki cut down his diet and made him do certain exercises which improved his health. Although he knew Mrs. Pumphrey was very rich and much attached to the dog, he did not take any advantage of it. He just performed his duties. We should also learn the same values in our life.

Complete text with hindi translation :

Text (Page 1): Tricki, a small dog is pampered and overfed by his rich mistress. He falls seriously ill and his mistress consult a veterinary surgeon. Does he perform an operation? Does the dog recover?


  • pampered(पैम्पर्ड) showed excessive/ too much love and care अत्यधिक लाड़ लड़ाना
  • mistress (मिस्ट्रैस) owner मालकिन
  • overfeeds (ओवरफीड्स) feeding more than necessary जरूरत से ज्यादा खिलाना
  • Veterinary surgeon (वेटअरइनरी सर्जन) doctor of animals पशु चिकित्सक।

अनुवाद : ट्रिकी एक छोटा कुत्ता था, जिसे उसकी धनी मालिकिन बहुत लाड़ प्यार करती है। वह गम्भीर रूप से बीमार पड़ जाता है। और उसकी मालिकिन एक पशु चिकित्सक से सलाह करती है। क्या पशु चिकित्सक उसका आपरेशन करता है? क्या कुत्ता ठीक हो जाता है?

A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 Question Answer

Text (Page 1): I was really worried about Tricki this time. I had pulled up my car when I saw him in the street with his mistress and I was shocked at his appearance. He had become hugely fat, like a bloated sausage with a leg at each corner. His eyes, bloodshot rheumy, stared straight ahead and his tongue lolled from his jaws.

Vocabulary :

  • shocked (शॉक्ड) – stunned सदमा लगा, सन्न रह गया
  • appearance (एपियरेन्स) – look दिखना
  • hugely (हयूजली) – very big विशाल रूप से
  • bloated (ब्लोटेड) – very swollen फूला हुआ, सूजा हुआ
  • sausage (ससिज) – minced meat dish कीमे का पकवान
  • bloodshot (ब्लडशॉड) – very red रक्त की तरह लाल
  • rheumy (रयूमी) – with a watery discharge पानी बहता
  • lolled (लोल्ड) – hung the tongue सुस्ती से जीभ निकली हुई

अनुवाद : मैं इस बार ट्रिकी को लेकर सचमुच परेशान था। मैंने अपनी गाड़ी रोकी और ट्रिकी को अपनी मालिकिन के साथ सड़क पर पाया, उसकी आकृति देखकर मुझे ठेस लगी। वह बहुत मोटा हो गया था जैसे कोई फूला माँस का टुकड़ा हो जिसके चारों कोनों में एक-एक टाँग लगा दी गई हो। उसकी आँखें रक्त की तरह लाल तथा बहती हुई थीं, उसने सीधे आगे देखा तथा उसकी जीभ उसके जबड़ों से बाहर निकली हुई थी।

Text (Page 1) : Mrs. Pumphrey hastened to explain. “He was so listless, Mr. Herriot. He seemed to have no energy. I thought he must be suffering from malnutrition, so I have been giving him some little extras between meals to build him up, some malt and cod-liver oil and a bowl of Horlicks at night to make him sleep – nothing much really.”

Vocabulary :

  • hastened (हेसन्ड) – hurried जल्दी से
  • listless (लिस्टलैस) – lacked energy/restless निरुत्साहित, बेचैन
  • malnutrition (मालन्यूट्रिशन) – not having proper nourishing diet कुपोषण
  • malt (माल्ट) – steeped grain/ barley शराब बनाने के लिए तैयार किया जौ

अनुवाद : मिसेज पम्फ्रे ने शीघ्रता से बताया, “वह इतना ढीलाढाला हो गया था, मि. हेरियट । ऐसा लगता था कि उसके शरीर में कोई ताकत नहीं रह गई थी। मैंने सोचा वह कुपोषण से ग्रस्त है, इसलिए मैं उसे दो भोजन के बीच कुछ अन्य चीजें भी दे रही हूँ ताकि वह मजबूत हो जाए, कुछ माल्ट तथा कॉड-मछली का तेल तथा रात को हॉरलिक्स का एक प्याला ताकि उसे नींद आ जाए-कोई अधिक चीज़ तो नहीं दे रही हूँ।”

Text (Page 1) : “And did you cut down on the sweet things as I told you ?” “Oh, I did for a bit, but he seemed to be so weak I had to relent. He does love cream cakes and chocolates so. I can’t bear to refuse him.”


  • relent (रिलैन्ट) soften नरम पड़ना।

अनुवाद : “और क्या आपने मेरे बताए अनुसार उसकी मीठी चीजें कम कर दी?” “ओह, मैंने कुछ किया तो पर वह इतना कमजोर दिखाई दिया कि मुझे ढील देनी पड़ी। उसे क्रीम केक पसन्द है तथा चाकलेट भी। मैं उसे देने से इन्कार नहीं कर सकी।”

Text (Page 1): I looked down again at the little dog. That was the trouble. Tricki’s only fault was greed. He had never been known to refuse food; he would tackie a meal at any hour of the day or night. And I wondered about all the things Mrs. Pumphrey hadn’t mentioned.

Vocabulary :

greed (ग्रीड) – to want more than required लालच
tackle (टैकल) – handle सम्भालना
mentioned (मैन्शन्ड) – said कहा

अनुवाद : मैंने उस छोटे-से कुत्ते को पुनः ध्यान से देखा। उसकी परेशानी या बीमारी मेरी समझ में आ गई। ट्रिकी की एक ही गलती थी उसका लोभ। वह कभी भी खाने की चीज़ से इन्कार नहीं करता था, वह दिन या रात को किसी भी घंटे में भोजन कर सकता था। और मुझे हैरानी थी कि मिसेज पम्फ्रे उसे क्या-क्या अन्य चीजें खाने को दे रही थीं।

A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 Question Answer

Text (Page 1) : “Are you giving him plenty of exercise ?” “Well, he has his little walks with me as you can see, but Hodgkin, the gardener, has been down with lumbago, so there has been no ring-throwing lately.”

Vocabulary :

  • lumbago (लुम्बैगो) – lower back pain नीचे-कमर में दर्द;
  • lately (लेटली) – recently थोड़े काल से।अनुवाद : “क्या आप उसे खूब व्यायाम करवाती हैं?” “वह मेरे साथ ही थोड़ी सैर कर लेता है जैसा तुम देख ही रहे हो, पर मेरा माली हॉडकिन गठिया दर्द से पीड़ित है इस कारण पिछले कुछ दिनों से ट्रिकी को रिंग का खेल नहीं खिलाया जा रहा है।”Text (Page 2): I tried to sound severe. “Now I really mean this. If you don’t cut his food right down and give him more exercise he is going to be really ill. You must harden your heart and keep him on a very strict diet.”

Vocabulary :

  • severe (स्वीयर) – strict कठोर

अनुवाद : मैंने कठोरता दिखाने की चेष्टा की।”अब मेरी सुनिए, यदि आप उसकी खुराक तुरन्त कम नहीं करती तथा उसको व्यायाम नहीं करवाती तो वह सचमुच ही बीमार हो जाएगा। आप अपने मन को सख्त बनाएँ तथा कुत्ते को बंधी हुई ही खुराक दें।”

Text (Page 2) : Mrs. Pumphrey wrung her hands. “Oh I will, Mr. Herriot. I’m sure you are right, but it is so difficult, so very difficult.” She set off, head down, along the road, as if determined to put the new regime into practice immediately.

Vocabulary :

  • wrung (रंग) twisted मरोड़ा
    regime (रिजीम) – prescribed course of diet and exercise नियमित भोजन तथा व्यायाम।

अनुवाद : मिसेज पम्फ्रे ने अपने हाथ मले। “ओह, मैं अवश्य करूँगी, मि. हेरियट । शायद आप ठीक ही कह रहे हैं पर यह काम काफी कठिन है।” वह सिर नीचा किए सड़क पर आगे बढ़ गई मानो उसने तुरन्त व्यायाम तथा सीमित खुराक देने का निश्चय कर लिया हो।

Text (Page 2): I watched their progress with growing concern. Tricki was tottering along in his little tweed coat: he had a whole wardrobe of these coatsfor the cold weather and a raincoat for the wet days. He struggled on, drooping in his harness. I thought it wouldn’t be long before I heard from Mrs. Pumphrey.


  • concern (कन्सन) – care, anxiety ख्याल, चिन्ता करना
  • tottering (टॉटरिंग) – staggering लड़खड़ाते हुए
  • tweed (टवीड) – thick woollen cloth मोटा ऊनी कपड़ा
  • wardrobe (वार्डरोब) – dress-almirah कपड़ों की अलमारी
  • drooping (ड्रापिंग) – hanging down झुकते हुए
  • harness (हार्नेस) – ornamental covering साजो सामान

अनुवाद : मैंने बढ़ती चिन्ता के साथ उसको जाते देखा । ट्रिकी छोटा ट्वीड कोट पहने लड़खड़ता चल रहा था। उसकी अलमारी इस प्रकार के कोटों से भरी हुई है-ये कोट ठण्डे मौसम के लिए हैं तथा एक बरसाती कोट वर्षा के दिनों के लिए है। वह मुश्किल से आगे बढ़ रहा था, अपनी काठी के भार से दबा झुका हुआ। मैंने सोचा कि बहुत समय नहीं लगेगा जब मिसेज पम्फ्रे मुझे ट्रिकी की (बुरा) समाचार देंगी।

Text (Page 2): The expected call came within a few days. Mrs. Pumphrey was distraught. Tricki would
eat nothing. Refused even his favourite dishes, and besides, he had bouts of vomiting. He spent all his time lying on a rug, panting. Didn’t want to go for walks, didn’t want to do anything.

Vocabulary :

  • expected (एक्सपैक्टिड) – awaited जिसकी प्रतीक्षा थी
  • distraught (डिस्ट्रॉट) – upset, extremely worried अत्यधिक चिन्तित
  • bouts (बाउट्स) – fits, repetition बार-बार होना
  • vomiting (वोमिटिंग) – throwing out from mouth उल्टी
  • rug (रग) – thick woollen carpet ऊन का गलीचा
  • panting (पेंटिंग) – breathless उखड़े साँस से

अनुवाद : प्रत्याशित बुलावा कुछ दिनों में ही आ गया। मिसेज पम्फ्रे चिन्तित या दुखी थीं। ट्रिकी ने खाना पीना बन्द कर दिया था। वह अपनी प्रिय खाद्य वस्तुएँ भी नहीं खाता था, और इसके अलावा उसे उल्टियाँ भी होने लगीं। वह सारा समय एक गलीचे पर बिताता था. हॉफता रहता था। उसे घूमने जाने की भी इच्छा नहीं होती थी, कुछ भी काम करने की उसकी इच्छा नहीं होती थी।

A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 Question Answer

Text (Page 2): I had made my plans in advance. The only way was to get Tricki out of the house for a period. I suggested that he be hospitalised for about a fortnight to be kept under observation.
The poor lady almost swooned. She was sure he would pine and die if he did not see her every day.

Vocabulary :

  • advance (एडवान्स) – prior to पहले से ही
  • hospitalised (हॉस्पीटालाईण्ड) – admitted in the hospital अस्पताल में भर्ती करना
  • fortnight (फोर्टनाईट) – a period of fifteen days’ पन्द्रह दिन
  • observation (ऑबजर्वेशन) – under watch निरीक्षण में
  • swooned (स्वून्ड) – fainted बेहोश हो गई
  • pine (पाईन) – weaken due to grief दुःख से कमजोर होना

अनुवाद : मैंने पहले से अपनी योजना बना रखी थी। एक ही उपाय था कि ट्रिकी को कुछ अवधि के लिए घर से दूर कर दिया जाए। मैंने सुझाव दिया कि उसे एक पखवाड़े के लिए अस्पताल में भर्ती कर दिया जाए ताकि उस पर नजर रखी जा सके। बेचारी महिला यह सुनकर अचेत सी हो गई। वह सोचती थी कि यदि हर दिन ट्रिकी उसको नहीं देखेगा तो तड़पेगा और मर जाएगा।

Text (Pages 2-3): But I took a firm line. Tricki was very ill and this was the only way to save him ; in fact, I thought it best to take him without delay and, followed by Mrs. Pumphrey’s wailings, I marched out to the car carrying the little dog wrapped in a blanket.

Vocabulary :

  • wailings (वेलिंग्स) – loud crying विलाप, चीख, चिल्ला कर रोना
  • marched (मार्चड) – walked चल दिया

अनुवाद : पर मैंने सख्ती से काम लिया। ट्रिकी बहुत बीमार था तथा यही उसकी प्राण रक्षा का एक मात्र मार्ग था। वास्तव में, मैंने सोचा कि उसे अविलम्ब ले जाना चाहिए और मिसेज पम्फ्रे के विलाप के बावजूद मैं छोटे-से कुत्ते को कम्बल में लपेटकर कार की ओर ले चला।

Text (Page 3) : The entire staff was roused and maids rushed in and out bringing his day bed, his night bed, favourite cushions, toys and rubber rings, breakfast bowl, lunch bowl, supper bowl. Realising that my car would never hold all the stuff. I started to drive away. As I moved off, Mrs. Pumphrey, with a despairing cry, threw an armful of the little coats through the window. I looked in the mirror before I turned the corner of the drive, everybody was in the tears.

Vocabulary :

  • roused (राऊज्ड) – became active चुस्ती में आ गया
  • realising (रियलाइजिंग) – having the feeling महसूस करते हुए
  • stuff (स्टफ) – all the things सारा सामान
  • despairing (डेस्पेयरिंग) – disappointing निराशा भरी

अनुवाद : सारे नौकर-चाकर सक्रिय हो गए तथा परिचारिकाएँ उसके दिन का बिछावन, रात्रि का बिछावन, प्रिय गद्दियाँ, खिलौने तथा रबर के रिंग, नाश्ते का प्याला, लंच और रात्रि भोज का कटोरा आदि ले आई। मैंने गाड़ी स्टार्ट की। जैसे ही मैं आगे बढ़ा, मिसेज पम्फ्रे हताश भाव से रोती हुई आईं तथा उन्होंने ढेर से छोटे-छोटे कोट खिड़की से फेंक दिए। मैंने कार के शीशे में मोड़ पर घूमने के पूर्व ही देखा, हर व्यक्ति रो रहा था।

A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 Question Answer

Text (Page 3) : Out on the road, Iglanced down at the pathetic little animal gasping on the seat by my side. I patted the head and Tricki made a brave effort to wag his tail. “Poor old lad”, I said, “You haven’t a kick in you but I think I know a cure for you.”

Vocabulary :

  • pathetic (पैथेटिक) – pitiable दयनीय
  • gasping (गासिंग) – panting हॉफते हुए
  • glanced (ग्लांस्ड) – looked देखा
  • wag (वैग) – move from one side to another पूँछ हिलाना
  • lad (लैड) – boy (here it means dog) लड़का, (कुत्ता)
  • kick (किक) – surge of life जीवन का उफान, स्फूर्ति
  • cure (क्योर) – treatment इलाज

अनुवाद : सड़क पर आकर मैंने उस दयनीय कुत्ते की ओर देखा जो मेरे पास की सीट पर हॉफता हुआ बैठा था। मैंने उसका सिर थपथपाया तथा ट्रिकी ने अपनी पूँछ हिलाने के लिए बहुत चेष्टा की। “बेचारा।” मैंने कहा, “तुम्हारे अन्दर अब चुस्ती शेष नहीं है पर मैं इसका निदान जानता हूँ।”

Text (Page 3) : At the surgery, the household dogs surged round me. Tricki looked down at the noisy pack with dull eyes and, when put down, lay motionless on the carpet. The other dogs, after sniffing round him for a few seconds, decided he was an uninteresting object and ignored him.

Vocabulary :

  • surged (सई) – rushed उमड़ पड़े
  • noisy pack (नोआयजी पैक) – group of barking dogs
  • sniffing (स्निफ्फिंग) – smelling making sound with nose आवाज करते हुए सूंघना
  • ignored (इगनोर्ड) – not pay attention उपेक्षा की

अनुवाद : पर मेरे पशु चिकित्सालय के पालतू कुत्ते मेरे चारों ओर घिर आए। ट्रिकी ने इस शोर करते झुण्ड को हल्की निगाह से देखा और जब मैंने उसे नीचे उतारा तो वह गलीचे पर निश्चल लेट गया। अन्य कुत्तों ने कुछ क्षणों तक उसके चारों ओर घूमकर उसे सूंघा फिर उन्होंने सोच लिया कि यह कुत्ता कोई रुचिकर नहीं है, तो उन्होंने उसकी ओर से ध्यान हटा लिया।

Text (Page 3) : I made up a bed for him in a warm loose box next to the one where the other dogs slept. For two days I kept an eye on him, giving him no food but plenty of water. At the end of the second day he started to show some interest in his surroundings and on the third he began to whimper when he heard the dogs in the yard.

Vocabulary :

  • keep an eye (कीप एन आई) – watch / observe आँख रखी;
  • plenty (प्लैन्टी) – a lot of बहुत मात्रा में;
  • whimper (विम्पर) – cry with a low whine रिरियाना, हल्काहल्का बच्चों की तरह रोना।

अनुवाद : मैंने उसके लिए एक गर्म बड़े डिब्बे में बिस्तर लगा दिया। यह डिब्बा अन्य कुत्तों के सोने के स्थान के बगल में था। दो दिनों तक मैंने उस पर नज़र रखी, उसे खाने को कुछ नहीं दिया, पीने को खुब पानी दिया। दूसरा दिन बीतने पर ट्रिकी ने अपने आसपास की चीजों में कुछ रुचि दिखानी शुरू कर दी तथा तीसरे दिन जब उसने आँगन में कुत्तों को भौंकते हुए सुना तो वह भी हल्के स्वर में रिरियाने लगा।

A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 Question Answer

Text (Page 3) : When I opened the door, Tricki trotted out and was immediately engulfed by Joe the greyhound and his friends. After rolling him over and thoroughly inspecting him, the dogs moved off down the garden. Tricki followed them, rolling slightly with his surplus fat.

Vocabulary :

  • trotted (ट्रोटिड) – walked जानवरों का चलना
  • engulfed (एनगफ्ड) – encircled surrounded घेर लिया
  • rolling (रोलिंग) – go round and round लुढ़कना

अनुवाद : जब मैंने दरवाजा खोला तो ट्रिकी बाहर निकल गया तथा तुरन्त उसे जोय तथा उसके साथियों ने घेर लिया। उसे गिराकर उन्होंने लुढ़काया तथा पूर्णरूप से उसका निरीक्षण किया, वे कुत्ते बगीचे में चले गए, ट्रिकी भी उनके पीछे चल दिया, अपनी अतिरिक्त चर्बी के कारण वह कुछ धीरे चल रहा था।

Text (Page 3) : Later that day, I was present at feeding time. I watched while Tristan slopped the food into the bowls. There was the usual headlong rush followed by the sounds of high-speed eating every dog knew that if he fell behind the others he was liable to have some competition for the last part of his meal.

Vocabulary :

  • slopped (स्लोप्ड) – spilled गिराया;
  • headlong rush (हैडलौंग रश) – सिर के बल-सीधा भागना;
  • liable to (लायबल टू) – responsible जिम्मेदार।

अनुवाद : उस दिन शाम को मैं कुत्तों को खाना खिलाने के समय उपस्थित था। मैं देखता रहा जब कि ट्रिस्टन ने कटोरों में खाने की चीज डाली। जैसा हमेशा ही होता था, कुत्ते तेजी से खाने पर टूट पड़े, शोर करते रहे, हर कुत्ता जानता था कि यदि वह अन्य साथियों से पीछे रह गया तो उसे भोजन के अंतिम दौर में प्रतिस्पर्धा का सामना करना पड़ेगा।

Text (Page 4) : When they had finished, Tricki took a walk round the shining bowls, licking casually inside one or two of them. Next day, an extra bowl was put out for him and I was pleased to see him jostling his way towards it.

Vocabulary :

  • licking (लिकिंग) – to clean with tongue चाटते हुए
  • casually (कैजुयली) – without design or forethought आकस्मिक, अनियमित रूप से
  • jostling (जेस्लिंग) – pushing धक्का-मुक्की करते हुए

अनुवाद : जब कुत्ते खाना खा चुके, ट्रिकी ने चमकते कटोरों का चक्कर लगाया, अन्दर लापरपवाही से चाटा। अगले दिन, उसके लिए एक अतिरिक्त कटोरा रख दिया गया तथा मैंने उस कटोरे के लिए धक्का-मुक्की करते देखा तो मुझे खुशी हुई।

Text (Page 4): From then on, his progress was rapid. He had no medicinal treatment of any kind but all day he ran about with the dogs, joining in their friendly scrimmages. He discovered the joys of being bowled over, tramped on and squashed every few minutes. He became an accepted member of the gang, an unlikely, silky little object among the shaggy crew. fighting like a tiger for his share at mealtimes and hunting rats in the old hen house at night. He had never had such a time in his life.


  • rapid (रैपिड) – fast तेजी से
  • medicinal (मेडिसिनल्) – of medicines दवाइयों का
  • serimmages (स्क्रिमेजिस) – confused struggle बेतरतीव झगड़ा
  • tramped (ट्रैम्प्ड) – walked over के ऊपर चला जाना
  • squashed (स्कवैश्ड) – squeezed पिचकाए जाना;
  • shaggy crew (शैगीकू) – hairy group बालों वाला झुण्ड
  • share (शेयर) – part हिस्सा

अनुवाद : उस दिन से ट्रिकी के स्वास्थ्य में तेज गति से सुधार होने लगा। उसे किसी भी प्रकार की कोई दवा नहीं दी पर सारा दिन वह अन्य कुत्तों के साथ दौड़ता था, उनके मित्रतापूर्ण छोटे-मोटे झगड़ों में शामिल हो गया। उसने हर मिनट अपने हारने, पैरों के नीचे पड़ने तथा कुचले जाने का आनन्द देख लिया। वह उस गिरोह में स्वीकृत सदस्य बन गया, एक रेशम जैसा मुलायम, छोटा-सा कुत्ता उन रुक्ष रोएँदार कुत्तों के झुण्ड में शामिल हो गया, भोजन के समय वह अपने हिस्से के लिए बाघ की तरह लड़ने लगा तथा रात को पुराने मुर्गी घर में चूहों का शिकार करने लगा।

Text (Page 4) : All the while, Mrs. Pumphrey hovered anxiously in the background, ringing a dozen times a day for the latest bulletins. I dodged the questions about whether his cushions were being turned regularly or his correct coat worn according to the weather, but I was able to tell her that the little fellow was out of danger and convalescing rapidly.

Vocabulary :

  • hovered (होवर्ड) – hung over मंडराती रही
  • anxiously (एक्शियसली) – curiously उत्सुकतापूर्वक
  • bulletins (बुलेटिन्स) – information/news सूचना, खबर
  • dodged (डॉण्ड) – avoided by trick चालाकी से टालना;
  • convaleseing (कॉन्वेलेसिंग) – recovering/gaining health स्वास्थ्य सुधार।

अनुवाद : इस दौरान मिसेज पम्फ्रे चिन्तातुर घर में चक्कर काटती रहती थीं, दिन में एक दर्जन बार वह ताजा समाचार जानने के लिए फोन करती। मैं उनके अनेक प्रश्नों का उत्तर ही नहीं देता कि क्या ट्रिकी की गदियों को नियमित रूप से उलटा-पलटा जा रहा है या नहीं, अथवा मौसम के अनुसार उसे उपयुक्त कोट पहनाया जाता है या नहीं ? पर मैंने उसे यह बताया कि ट्रिकी खतरे से बाहर है तथा तेजी से स्वास्थ्य लाभ कर रहा है।

A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 Question Answer

Text (Page 4): The word ‘convalescing’ seemed to do something to Mrs. Pumphrey. She started to bring round fresh eggs, two dozen at a time, to build up Tricki’s strength. For a happy period my partners and I had two eggs each for breakfast, but when the bottles of wine began to arrive, the real possibilities of the situation began to dawn on the household.

Vocabulary :

  • dawn (डॉन) appear प्रकाश में आना
  • situation (सिचुयेशन) परिस्थिति

अनुवाद : स्वास्थ्य लाभ शब्द ने मिसेज पम्फ्रे को सक्रिय बना दिया। उसे ताजे दो दर्जन अण्डे भेजने लगी ताकि ट्रिकी की ताकत लौट आए। कुछ दिनों तक मैंने तथा मेरे सहयोगियों ने दो-दो अण्डे नाश्ते में खाए, पर जब सुरा की बोतलें आने लगी। तो स्थिति की वास्तविक संभावनाएं सभी को समझ में आने लगीं।

Text (Page 4) : It was to enrich Tricki’s blood. Lunch became a ceremonial occasion with two glasses of wine before and several during the meal.

Vocabulary :

  • enrich (एनरिच) to enhance बढ़ाना
  • ceremonial (सेरिमोनियल) function उत्सव

अनुवाद : ट्रिकी के रक्त को समृद्ध बनाने हेतु उनका लंच एक समारोह का अवसर बन गया-हम सबको दो गिलास सुरा पहले मिलने लगी तथा अनेक गिलास लंच के दौरान।

Text (Page 5) : We could hardly believe it when the brandy came to put a final edge on Tricki’s constitution. For a few nights the fine spirit was rolled around, inhaled and reverently drunk.

Vocabulary :

  • hardly (हार्डली) with difficulty कठिनाई से
  • edge (ऐज) line धार, प्रभाव
  • constitution (कॉन्स्टीट्यूशन) physical structure शरीर रचना
  • spirit (स्पिरिट) alcohol शराब
  • inhaled (इनहेल्ड) smelled सूंघी गई
  • revenently (रेवरैन्टली) respectfully सम्मानपूर्वक

अनुवाद : हमें विश्वास नहीं हुआ जब ट्रिकी के शरीर को मजबूत बनाने के लिए ब्रांडी मिसेज पम्फ्रे ने भेजी। कुछ रातों को वह मदिरा मेरे सभी साथियों ने सैंघी तथा आदरपूर्वक पी।

Text (Page 5) : They were days of deep content, starting well with the extra egg in the morning, improved and sustained by the midday wine and finishing luxuriously round the fire with the brandy.

Vocabulary :

  • content (कॅनटेन्ट) – satisfaction सन्तुष्टि
  • sustained (सस्टेन्ड) – supported सहारा दिया जाना
  • luxuriously (लग्जूरियसली) – comfortably ऐश्वर्यपूर्वक

अनुवाद : ये दिन बहुत सतुष्टि देने वाले रहे, प्रातः अतिरिक्त अण्डे खाने को मिले, दोपहर को नियमित रूप से मदिरा पीने को मिली तथा आग के चारों ओर ऐश से बैठकर हम ब्रांडी पीते।

Text (Page 5): It was a temptation to keep Tricki on as a permanent guest, but I knew Mrs. Pumphrey was suffering and after a fortnight, felt compelled to phone and tell her that the little dog had recovered and was awaiting collection.

Vocabulary :

  • temptation (टैम्पटेशन) attraction आकर्षण, ललचाहट;
    compelled (कम्पैल्ड) forced बाध्य हो गया;
    collection (कलेक्शन) gathering, to take over ले जाया जाना।

अनुवाद : हमें प्रलोभन हो गया कि ट्रिकी को स्थायी मेहमान बनाकर रखा जाए। पर मैं जानता था कि मिसेज पम्फ्रे कष्ट में थीं तथा दो सप्ताह पश्चात मैंने उसे फोन किया तथा बताया कि आपका ट्रिकी स्वस्थ हो गया है तथा आप उसे ले जाएं।

A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 Question Answer

Text (Page 5): Within minutes, about thirty feet of gleaming black metal drew up outside the surgery. The chauffeur opened the door and I could just make out the figure of Mrs. Pumphrey almost lost in the interior. Her hands were tightly clasped in front of her; her lips trembled. Oh, Mr. Herriot, do tell me the truth. Is he really better?

Vocabulary :

  • gleaming (ग्लीमिंग) – shining black metal (ब्लैक मैटल) black car काली गाड़ी, कार
  • chauffeur (शोफर) – driver-cum-attendant ड्राईवर एवं नौकर
  • clasped (क्लास्स्ड) – held tightly together कसकर बंधे हुए (उंगलियों में उंगलियाँ डालकर);
  • trembled (ट्रैम्बल्ड) – shivered कांपते हुए।

अनुवाद : कुछेक मिनट में तीस फुट लम्बी चमचम गाड़ी सर्जरी चिकित्सालय के बाहर आकर रुकी। शोफर ने दरवाजा खोला और मैंने अन्दर बैठी आकृति मिसेज पम्फ्रे की ही होगी। उसके हाथ कसकर एक-दूसरे से फैंसे हुए थे, उसके हाँठ काँप रहे थे। ‘ओह, मि. हेरियट, मुझे सच-सच बताइए, क्या ट्रिकी सचमुच ठीक हो गया है।’

Text (Page 5): “Yes he’s fine. There’s no need for you to get out of the car – I’ll go and fetch him.” I walked through the house into the garden. A mass of dogs was hurtling round and round the lawn and in their midst, ears flapping, tail waving, was the little golden figure of Tricki. In two weeks he had been transformed into a lithe, hard-muscled animal; he was keeping up well with the pack, stretching out in great bounds, his chest almost brushing the ground.

Vocabulary :

  • mass of dogs (मॉस ऑफ डॉग्स) – a crowd of dogs कुत्तों की भीड़
  • hurtling (हर्टलिंग) – running speedily तेजी से दौड़ते हुए
  • flapping (फ्लैपिंग) – fluttering फड़फड़ाते हुए
  • waving (वेविंग) – moving to and fro इधरउधर हिलाते हुए
  • lithe (लिथ) – flexible लोचदार
  • transformed (ट्रांसफार्मड) – totally changed/converted पूरी तरह से बदल गया था, रूपान्तरित
  • stretching (स्ट्रैचिंग) – expanding फैलते हुए
  • bounds (बाउंड्स) – leaps उछालें

अनुवाद : “जी हाँ, वह ठीक है। आपको कार से नीचे उतरने की जरूरत नहीं-मैं जाकर उसे ले आता हूँ।” मैं घर के बीच से निकलकर पीछे बगीचे में चला गया। कुत्तों का झुण्ड लॉज में दौड़ कूद कर रहे थे तथा उनके बीच कान फड़फड़ाते हुए, पूँछ हिलाते हुए छोटा सा सुनहरे रंग का ट्रिकी था। दो सप्ताह में वह एक लोचदार, सख्त तन्तुओं वाले पशु में बदल गया था। वह कुत्तों के झुण्ड के साथ भली-भाँति घुलमिल गया था, लम्बी छलांग लगाने लगा था, वह अपना शरीर इतना फैला लेता था कि उसकी छाती जमीन को लगभग छूने लगी थी।

Text (Pages 4-5): I carried him back along the passage to the front of the house. The chauffeur was still holding the car door open and when Tricki saw his mistress he took off from my arms in a tremendous leap and sailed into Mrs. Pumphrey’s lap. She gave a startled Ooh! And then had to defend herself as he swarmed over her, licking her face and barking.

Vocabulary :

  • passage (पैसेज) – track, way रास्ता
  • tremendous (ट्रि मैन्डस) – huge, very large बहुत बड़ी
  • sailed (सेल्ड) – landed पहुँच गया
  • lap – गोद
  • startled (स्टारटर्ड) – surprised चकित रह गई, चौंक गई-हैरानी से
  • defend (डिफैन्ड) – protect बचाना
  • swarmed (स्वार्मड) – rising like bees मधुमक्खियों के झुण्ड की तरह चढ़ना।

अनुवाद : मैं ट्रिकी को उठाकर गलियारा पार करके घर के अगले भाग में ले आया। शोफर अभी भी कार का दरवाजा खोले खड़ा था तथा जैसे ही ट्रिकी ने अपनी मालिकिन को देखा, वह मेरी बाँहों से कूद गया तथा भागकर मिसेज पम्फ्रे की गोद में जा बैठा। मिसेज पम्फ्रे चौंक गई। और फिर जब ट्रिकी उनके ऊपर उछलने लगा तो उन्हें अपनी रक्षा करनी पड़ी। ट्रिकी उनका चेहरा चाट रहा था तथा भौंक रहा था।

A Triumph of Surgery Class 10 Question Answer

Text (Page 6) : During the excitement, I helped the chauffeur to bring out the beds, toys, cushions, coats and bowls, none of which had been used. As the car moved away, Mrs. Pumphrey leaned out of the window. Tears shone in her eyes. Her lips trembled. “Oh, Mr. Herriot,” she cried, “how can I ever thank you? This is a triumph of surgery!”

Vocabulary :

  • excitement (एक्साइटमेंन्ट) – getting roused उत्तेजना में
  • leaned (लीन्ड) – bent झुकी
  • triumph (ट्रायम्फ) – victory विजय

अनुवाद : इस उत्तेजना और खुशी के दौरान ही मैंने शोफर को ट्रिकी के सारे बिछावन, खिलौने, गद्द्यिाँ , कोट तथा कटोरे लाने में मदद की, इनमें से किसी का भी उपयोग नहीं किया गया था। जब कार चल दी तो मिसेज पम्फ्रे ने खिड़की से बाहर सिर निकाला। उसकी आँखों में अश्रु झिलमिला रहे थे। उनके होंठ काँप रहे थे। “ओह, मि. हेरियट”, वह चीखी, “मैं आपका किन शब्दों में आभार व्यक्त करूँ। इसे तो सर्जरी की विजय कहा जाएगा।”

Class 10 English Question Answer